Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ultimate Guide to Dog Health

How to Tell if Your Dog is Overweight

Sometimes it is obvious if a dog is obese. You can see a big tummy, or the dog is reluctant to run and spends a lot of time sleeping or just lying around. A fit dog can snooze during the day, but is immediately alert if something catches their interest like the postman delivering or the promise of a walk.

Sometimes though, it is less obvious as you get used to the way your dog looks when you see it on a daily basis, like your spouse.

Ultimate Guide to Dog Health
Many dogs in the Western World, like many humans, are now overweight, and run the same health risks because of it.

The risks are of developing serious medical conditions like cardiovascular disease (heart trouble, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteorthritis, ligament and joint problems, respiratory problems, and some forms of cancer.

These are serious problems that can not only shorten your dog's life but make its life miserable, plus give you massive vet's bills.

You can avoid these risks by not allowing your dog to put on excess weight, or, if he all ready has, then by making gradual changes in in diet and lifestyle to promote steady weight loss.